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Corporate Citizenship Activities Report--Fiscal 2017

The Kao Group engages in corporate citizenship activities with a focus on the environment, education, and community under the theme of "Creating an Environment and Developing Human Resources to Nurture the Next Generation." Through its activities, Kao aims to realize the satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people, which is at the heart of its corporate philosophy, the Kao Way.

Kao makes efforts to contribute to society in two ways: through its core businesses by mobilizing knowledge and resources; and through corporate citizenship activities that help create a healthy society.

In the field of hygiene and sanitation, which is related to its business, Kao has been providing support for a project to improve school sanitation in partnership with UNICEF in Vietnam. Conscious that companies have recently been expected to make even greater efforts to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), Kao has contributed to improving sanitation and hygiene conditions and instilling good hygiene practices in schoolchildren, which they will in turn teach to their families and communities. Furthermore, Kao has expanded its menstrual education for elementary and junior high school girls, building a program to support 20,000 schools in Japan last year. This activity has been expanded in Asian countries as well.

Under the theme of corporate citizenship activities that help create a healthy society, Kao has supported "Kao Social Entrepreneurship Schools" since 2010. Kao established a new theme, "Create New Lifestyles", in 2017, and we have provided assistance to entrepreneurs trying to solve social issues such as a decreasing birthrate and aging population, female independence, and others.

Kao has released its Corporate Citizenship Activities Report--Fiscal 2017. The report describes Kao's three main focus fields; activities that aim to make contributions to society in areas related to Kao's business; and initiatives with the aim of contributing to society as a good corporate citizen.

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