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It’s More than Culture

Inclusion, integrity and innovation drive our company forward. These qualities run strong and deep throughout everything we do. Because diversity is essential to driving innovation, we’re fostering an inclusive culture that welcomes all individuals of varying backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We’re embracing change and empowering our people while promoting communication and teamwork to build a culture where every employee feels connected and respected—a culture where everyone can thrive.


We are committed to inclusion and diversity.

We are strengthening our diverse recruiting efforts while fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment through conversations about the topics that matter in order to promote diversity and inclusion across the Americas region.


We work with integrity—our ethics & values are strong.

There is no gap between what we say and what we do and we believe in doing the right thing, not the easy thing. Because of this, we have been named one of World’s Most Ethical Companies for 15 years in a row.


We empower our people.

We’re creating a safe space for our teams to approach decision-making with fresh but informed ideas, where they can take ownership in helping the company succeed.


We foster collaborative, cross-functional teamwork.

You’ll get to work with an incredible, collaborative team of passionate, motivated people who will support and stand behind you.


We’re dedicated to making a difference.

Our small company feel, large company resources and international, multicultural reach create a perfect platform for you to become a voice for change.


We are passionate, driven and committed to growth.

We celebrate efforts that lead to learnings as well as successes because it will carry us from where we are to where we want to be.

Inclusion & Diversity at Kao

We are committed to inclusion and diversity. We understand and respect our differences and derive strength from the contributions of individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. We value and promote a working environment where each individual is respected and supported to be their authentic self.

Together, we strive to make meaningful differences for our communities and deliver excellent products which help provide a Kirei Lifestyle to all.


The need for innovation to grow, compete and transform has never been greater. We believe diversity is an essential component to driving innovation and making everyday moments more extraordinary. True innovation is achieved when passionate people from varied backgrounds come together to share their knowledge, exchange ideas and push one another. These passionate people—they are our superpower.

Karen Frank, President Kao Consumer Division, AEMEA


We build strength through diversity. We want employees to feel valued for who they are, allowing them to do their best work. We are cultivating an inclusive organization, breaking down barriers, finding common ground and providing a platform for shared experiences so employees are empowered to be their authentic selves and express their greatest talents, to reach their full potential.

Jesse Grissom, President, Operations, Americas


I love being part of an organization that values and leverages the unique differences, talents and ideas of its people. Diverse voices bring better ideas, conversations, decisions and outcomes for our employees, customers and consumers.

Jill Adler, VP REO, Human Capital Development, Americas Region

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Benefits to Find Harmony

At Kao, we’re dedicated to making life beautiful for our employees, too. We reward our teams for their contributions with benefits designed to help them live healthy, fulfilling lives.


Powered by Our People

Our backgrounds, roles and locations are varied but what brings us together is our united sense of optimism, integrity and trust in one another.

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